Hyper LTS 150

H2O2 based low temperature plasma sterilizer


H2O2 based low temperature plasma sterilizer for highest requirements. Specially designed to sterilize heat sensitive medical devices, the high quality Hyper LTS® 150 offers unique technologies at a high safety level and best user friendliness.


Ease of use:

The industrial PLC control system offers modern control technology with immense resources. MMM unique control systems are identically used also in the MMM steam sterilizers and washer/disinfectors for a safe and user friendly operation.

  • 7“ (16:9) touch screen on load and unload side
  • Ergonomic positon of touch screen, easy access from the right and left machine side
  • Manual cycle continuation or program stop via touchscreen, password protected
  • User friendly Smart HMI
  • Validated standard cycles (Easy, Classic, Complex)
  • User identification for batch documentation
  • Big display of remaining process time
  • 3 color LED chamber door light with status indication
  • Built in Unicode capable thermal printer
  • Interface to tracking and tracing systems via RUMED360®