DIAMOND Operating table – A class of its own

Comfort and reliability in surgery

  • A multilevel security system ensures uninterrupted surgical proceedings
  • Electrohydraulic leg section and leg support adjustment function, also serving as back section adjustment function in Reverse Mode, allows a precise patient position and intraoperative corrections of position. (model-dependent equipment feature)
  • High stability against traction and compression forces allows challenging positions using the extension device
  • Mobile surgical table: 4 easy-running ball-bearing castors diam. 125 mm, 2 of which antistatic, optional directional castor, separately activatable
  • Excellent ground clearance: optimal foot access to the surgery table for surgeon and surgical team

Technical Specifications

Length of table-top 960 mm
Length of head section 300 mm
Length of leg section 700 mm
Width of table-top 550 mm
Overall width 600 mm
Table footprint (length x width) 1,140 mm x 705 mm
Diameter of double castors 125 mm
Trendelenburg, electrohydraulic 30°
Reverse Trendelenburg, electrohydraulic 30°
Lateral adjustment, electrohydraulic +/- 20°
Longitudinal shift (DIAMOND 40 LK and DIAMOND 60 BLK) approx. 300 mm
Radiolucent area - with head and leg sections and back section extension, totally 2,260 mm
Radiolucent area - with carbon plate 1,760 mm
Back section, electrohydraulic - 40°/+ 70°
- with shoulder surgery plate - 20°/+ 90°